Mack 11 Listening Party: Introducing ‘Mack Sauce’

By MayorMuney

If your friends told you there’s nothing to do in Chicago, that’s probably because they still stay at home with mom. All jokes aside this past weekend was no different as the industry tastemakers made it a pretty LiTTY weekend.

Mack 11 had a private listening party at FNF Studios Friday night for his new project “Mack Sauce.” It was 4/20 so you know it was LiT. The project was LiT, the vibe was LiT; in fact, it was so LiT they sent off the smoke detector. Among the smoke cloud and good vibes were Mack’s family, friends, fans, and loyal supporters. I caught a couple of tastemakers in the building too like Dough From the Go, CEO of Stack or Starved, and rising DJ, DJ Mile High.

Now the project meets and raises expectations for the next project. But let’s focus on this project, for now, hosted by Dj Bandz, “Mack Sauce” is a LiT HiT from start to finish. The 13 track project features more of Chicago’s rising talents Edai 600, Valee, HoodRich Pablo Juan, and ZMoney. What’s your favorite track? Check it out and let us know.


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