Paper vs Backwoods 4/20 Event

By MayorMuney.

As I stated in my previous blog post, there is always something going on in Chicago. It could be up to five events, I might be interested in, going on at once. This past weekend there was no shortage of events as I ended up covering two myself on the same night.

If you read my last post then you know I was at the Mack 11 listening party, immediately following I slid on Peter Jaysin and nem for his 4/20 Papers vs Backwoods shindig, powered by No Hesitation, Swank Pr, and The Right Now Tour.

It was definitely a “dope” event (inserts laughing emoji), a room filled with trees, smoke clouds, and Chicago’s movers and shakers. It was one of those cool kid parties, invitation only, you had to know the real n– — – to get in. It was a kickback style showcase with only three acts on the bill, kept them event chill but LiT at the right moments.

The acts were Flex (@100flex), Asa 2 Times (@asa2times), and Duffle Bag Buru (@dufflebagburu). I came in just in time to catch Flex doing his first song, this being my first time seeing him perform I was really impressed with his level of energy and crowd control. He and his hype men kept the crowd engaged for the whole performance, definitely an artist to watch. Next up on the bill and next up in the industry was Asa 2 Times. Joined by his All Cost brother Solo the Dweeb, Asa fired up like Johnny Storm from Fantastic 4.

Asa always coming with big energy, with the added hype from Solo they definitely kept the LiT fest going. Last but not least Duffle Bag Buru, a Lyrical Lemonade signee. Buru had mad rockstar vibes and kept the energy wavy throughout his performance. Can’t rate him on crowd control because the intermission kinda settled a pretty blazed crowd. Despite the fact I couldn’t gauge his ability to control a crowd, I still rocked with his stage presence, overall lived up to the hype.

4/20 was definitely one for the books, yall planning for next year yet? Asking for a friend.


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