Lajé – Woman Of The Earth (Official Video)

By: Pretty Riot 

Experience LaJé in the new video Woman Of The Earth.
The future is female and I am here for it. What I’m also here for is the wave of women that are showing their true talent in their own unique way whilst still celebrating other women along with their journey. LaJé is an artist that always makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I’ve adored her sound from the moment I first heard her music, her sultry vocals complement her meaningful lyrics in a way that calls for a hit.

With every new single that LaJé drops I become a bigger fan of her artistry. LaJé teamed up with creatives over at The Beat Plug to bring the world Woman Of The Earth, an empowering song with an enlightening message. JPegFilms did an amazing job at capturing LaJé & friends in a radiant manner that shines a light on the true inner essence of a woman’s glow. Woman Of The Earth is a breath of fresh air, and the perfect anthem for the ladies to play this summer.

Experience Woman Of The Earth here.


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